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Washington state couple invents new type of jigsaw puzzle

Courtesy: Lazels Jigsaw Puzzles

RICHLAND, WASH. (KEPR) — One couple from Richland, Washington is launching the first-ever metal jigsaw puzzle later this month.

Peter and Kayla Clyde have been puzzle lovers all of their life and recently started Lazels Jigsaw Puzzles, which are puzzles made exclusively out of metal.

"We really wanted to make something that was new and innovative and that was beautiful something people had never seen before," Kayla said.

The two tell KEPR their metal puzzles have never been done before.

Peter is an electrical engineer and recently left his job at Facebook to make the puzzles full-time.

He says he gets the stainless steel locally and from there he's the craftsman.

"First engraving it then laser sculpting it and cutting it then individually polishing the pieces," Peter said.

The puzzle pieces are smaller than a dime and tweezers are needed to put the pieces together.

"I kind of imagined what a puzzle would be in the future and what qualities would have to exist for it to survive the test of time and no one is actually making jigsaw puzzles out of metal right now and it just so happens that it's the perfect material to create something extremely intricate and beautiful," Peter said.

The Clyde's will release the metal puzzles in a few weeks and say they only make 100 puzzles for each design.

"We want this to exist in a hundred years and we don't just want it to be a digital thing we want it to be a physical experience that you can enjoy with your friends and family," Peter said.

The first design will have 100 pieces and tweezers are included.

The Clyde's say prices will be posted as soon as the puzzles drop.

People who are already subscribed to their email will receive one hour of password-protected shopping before the public has access to their puzzle design.

You can sign up for early access on Lazels' website.

You can also find Lazels on Instagram.