Lindsay Lohan punched in the face after accusing Syrian family of trafficking

Lindsey Lohan in New York City. Feb. 14, 2017. Credit: Jeff Grossman/

WASHINGTON (Circa) – Lindsay Lohan posted a bizarre Instagram live video on Saturday of her encounter with a Syrian refugee family.

TMZ reports Lohan was visiting Moscow when she approached the parents and their two boys. She explained on her Instagram live stream that they were Syrian refugees who needed help.

In the video, the Mean Girls star can be seen telling the family that she can take the boys to a hotel. When the family decided to move away from the actress, she then accused them of trafficking their children. She then started following the family while speaking in both English and Arabic and said, “I won’t leave until I take youHey, kids!”

The mother of two then turned around and punched Lohan in the face.

The video ends with a shocked, weeping Lohan explaining that she was trying to save the boys.